Human Kaizen

Before Dawn

Change your day before it begins.

Before Dawn

Muhammed Ali talked about the training in the darkness.

Robin Sharma literally wrote “The 5 AM Club”.

Win the morning, win the day. JRRT

Get up early and get going. There are less distractions and you can accomplish more by 9:00 am than most people do all day because you can control your actions before the chaos of others interfere with your plans.

Get that workout in while fresh.

Do the creative work before your energy reserves are drained by mindless chatter and unimportant meetings.

Get the critical work done before others can distract you.

Take advantage of the early morning, of the golden hours of dawn when the world is awakening, and you can craft your image of an excellent day instead of responding to orders and defaulting into a poor version of what you wished for.

Carpe Diem, and seize it early so as much of the best parts are there for you instead of having other’s leftovers.

Rise and rule your day.