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Labor Pains

“Without labor nothing prospers.” Sophocles

Labor Pains

We all have that friend with countless ideas that never brings any of them to fruition because they are unwilling to do the hard work to bring them from the world of dreams to the real world.

How many people have the concept for a book, but don’t sit down regularly to do the consistent hard work of writing end revising? Having the idea is the easy fun part, like having sex. But then carrying the baby and birthing and nurturing it is difficult, uncomfortable, and less fun than the creation act or the dream of parenthood. Yet those who have brought the baby or book into the world and guided it know the greater joys that come over time from doing the difficult things along the journey to maturity.

How many people have written a great song but haven’t done the grind and little gigs to build their name and succeed as an entertainer?

Talented athletes without work ethic who never make it to the next level?

The world around us is filled with talent, but it is those that consistently train, hone, and unleash it that achieve sustainable excellence, reputation, and wealth. Work is the difference between “could be” and “is”.